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NYSKC University - New Home for Christian Scholars
Welcomes Medina Sunrise Rotary

Posted by David Lariviere on May 23, 2017
NYSKC University - New Home for Christian Scholars Welcomes Medina Sunrise Rotary
Dr. Joanna Choi, Chair of the NYSKC Foundation, welcomed Medina Sunrise Rotary, Rotary District 6630 AGs Kevin Wermer and Stan Socha, and special guests Medina County Commissioner Bill Hutson, Medina Creative Housing Director Dianne DePasquale-Hagerty, Rotary Youth Exchange Student Elizabeth Whetstone, and Elizabeth's mother Karen DiNicola to the campus of NYSKC University in Seville....

"This week, NYSKC University, a nondenominational, post-graduate educational center for Christian scholars, is pleased to have our friends in Rotary join us as we host the 17th NYSKC Symposium - May 22-25. A group of distinguished theologians, scholars and pastors have organized the symposium by conducting research and reports that focus on issues related to professional growth of the church, theology, preaching and restoration of worship. We are offering sessions in English (10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.) and other sessions will be in Korean."

Fulfilling the vision of her father, the Rev. Dr. Goshen Choi, who founded the Nyskc World Mission in the United States and nine countries, Dr. Johanna Choi came to Ohio and purchased the former Seville Elementary School, transforming it into the home of Nyskc University - Goshen Theological Seminary. The university currently offers two master's degrees and one doctorate.

Dr. Choi thanked Rotary and the special guests, concluding with an exciting statement from Nyskc University, that its future mission in Medina County will include a plan to offer an undergraduate program.