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Stella Fagotti Miranda de Paiva, 2016-17 Rotary Youth Exchange Student from Rolandia, Parana, located in southern Brazil, was accompanied by Assistant District Governor Kevin Wermer at Medina Sunrise Rotary. Stella is an honors student and international volley ball player who attends Medina Senior High School and is being hosted by Christopher and Laura Kanieski. Chris, himself had once been a Rotary Youth Exchange Student in Australia. Stella proudly wore her Rotary blue blazer as she provided an informative multi-media presentation of her life, family, school and sports in Brazil. After her presentation, Stella exchanged her home Rotary club banner with Roger Hassler, president of the Medina Sunrise Rotary Club.
Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE) is a Rotary International student exchange scholarship program for students in secondary school. Since 1929, Rotary International has sent highly qualified young people around the globe to experience new cultures. Currently, about 9,000 students are sponsored by Rotary clubs every year. Rotary is a fully accredited member of CSIET - Council of Standards for International Student Exchange: http://www.csiet.org.
Tech Sergeant Adam Zelenka accepted a new position as the U.S. Air Force Education and Career Development Officer in Medina.  Adam, a 9-year security forces career Airman who came from Colorado Springs, led us in in the Pledge of Allegiance. In addition to coaching high school football, Adam said that he likes the friendly people in Medina and is enjoying getting to know the community and partnering with Medina County high schools in offering educational opportunities and developing future leaders for tomorrow's high-tech careers.
TSgt Adam Zelenka Air Force Recruiter can be contacted at: 330-417-1426, or via email, adam.zelenka@us.af.mil.

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USAF Tech Sergeant Adam Zelenka - Stella de Paiva - Roger Hassler - Kevin Wermer