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Paul Harris and the Rotary Foundation

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This is a Rotary International Program to 
support the Rotary Foundation. In order to 
become a Paul Harris Fellow, a member 
contributes $1,000 to the Foundation.

The following are our Paul Harris Fellows

Paul Harris Fellows

Bob Berry
Tom Carabin
Sushila Chand
Barbara Cumming
Lorrie Delagado
Joseph Gaebelein
David Heath
Corey Howell
Keith Hughes
Dr. Bruce Hulme
Dr. Than M. Jain
Dr. Dave Loeper
Cindy Morse
Donald Nelson
Thomas G. Schneider
Beth Ann Shotwell
Carl Shotwell
Frank Shotwell, Sr.
Frank Shotwell, Jr.
Pete Shotwell
Chad Wilson

One Sapphire

Dr. Mahadeo Chand
Dr. Michael Davanzo
Drew J. Dawson
Frank Festi
Dale Huefner
Dan Ihrig
Will Koran
David P. Lariviere
Dr. Michael Medgysey
Dennis Neate
Richard Pace
Mark J. Sutherland
Paul Williams






2 Sapphires  

Dr. Mike Carlson
Doug Leohr


Three Sapphires
James Gerspacher
Mark Morse


Four Sapphires
Becky Shotwell