Posted by David Lariviere on Jan 23, 2018

Mark Clendenin, Regional Business Development Manager of Northeast Ohio for the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation, introduced BWC'S exciting new program for a healthier Ohio, "BETTER YOU - BETTER OHIO."

Mark, who is himself a Rotary officer from Canton, was enthusiastic and well prepared to explain the benefits to workers and employers of BWC's newest web-based and free health & wellness program for Ohio's small businesses.  The Better You - Better Ohio program has no administration fees or third party administrators. It offers confidential employee enrollment along with personal incentives for healthy life choices. 

The program helps Ohio employers with 50 or fewer employees in certain industries start a comprehensive wellness program with no cost to them or their workers when they join. And, it’s a simple and paperwork-free process. In conjunction with ActiveHealth®Management, Better You, Better Ohio! brings your employees a wealth of health and well-being resources, including: A snapshot of their health and well-being; Simple, convenient digital tools; Lifestyle and condition coaching; A 24-hour nurse line.

"Having a healthy workforce gives Ohio employers the ability to focus on their businesses and manage their workers’ compensation and health-care costs," concluded Mark, as he thanked Medina Sunrise Rotary for their community and vocational service. 

For more information about the BETTER YOU - BETTER OHIO Program, please contact Mark Clendenin by phone at (330) 312-4713 or email him at