"Throughout the school district, we are all collaborating and learning to be resilient," stated Tom Harrington, who serves as both the Buckeye Local School District’s Athletic Director and Buckeye High School Dean of Students.

Challenges to our high school athletic programs during this coronavirus pandemic have presented our athletes and coaches with some awesome opportunities to work together and make things happen that are within our control.  I am in personal contact with my colleagues in Brunswick and Medina every day as we safely adapt and work with the leadership of Krista Wasowski at the Medina County Health Department.

What can your Buckeye Schools Athletic Director do for you?   Yes, there are real concerns about school budget cuts, changing health & safety protocols, and uncertainty for our high school athletes. But, if you could safely offer high school students a vehicle that would improve their citizenship, sportsmanship, GPAs, self-discipline and physical and emotional wellness, you would high-jump at the chance, right? Well, that’s exactly what interscholastic sports offer our nation’s 11 million youth who participate in these programs, according to the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS).

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PHOTO Provided (L to R):
Tom Harrington, Brock Brumfield, Barry Brumfield