Posted by David Lariviere on Mar 20, 2018
Medina Sunrise Rotary welcomed David A. Edmonds, local author of Personal Pronouns. "I've been a teacher for 43 years," said Edmonds, "so I guess it's natural that I write about teachers. Now that I think about it, it's natural for me to write because both of my parents were writers. You could say that the novel Personal Pronouns is about High School - NOT the musical, written from the collegiality, frustrations, and daily intrigue of the faculty lounge."

Personal Pronouns is a good read involving a grief-stricken teacher, Joe Lehrer, who feels responsible for his wife's death in a car accident. He resumes his life, only to find himself drawn deep into a web of danger surrounding a local mayor's election, the school board, and the suspicious death of one of his students. Lehrer fights the system as well as his growing attraction to the newest member of the staff, a feisty Spanish teacher. He uncovers layers intrigue and a nest of dirty little secrets hiding behind the bucolic fa├žade.  Now he must decide whether compromising his own values by descending to the level of the guilty is worth the pursuit of justice.

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