The Educational Service Center of Medina County (ESCMC) is proud to provide valuable educational and support services to the school districts of Medina County and beyond.  The ESCMC is committed to providing a thorough analysis of district needs and offering high-quality and cost-effective solutions for our clients.  We provide a balanced approach to evaluating our current services while exploring new avenues that will assist our districts do what they do even better.
In addition to the services that are offered to the districts, the ESCMC provides “value- added” programming that includes the “Top Scholars” awards dinner, the Inkspot literary magazine, and the annual "All-County Band and Choir" events.
In conjunction with our member districts and our partner organizations, we seek success for all students.  Additionally, we pledge to work collaboratively to embrace the inevitable changes in order to ensure that the students of Medina County receive a world-class education
Robert Hlasko, Superintendent
Educational Service Center of Medina County