Posted by David Lariviere on Apr 24, 2018
Michelle Powell knows something about building a community. For the past 18 years, she's used her after-school, weekend, and summertime Let's Make A Difference program at the Union Square housing complex to encourage low-income children to work hard, dream big and be accountable.

Now she wants to make sure that community sees its value in the larger Medina community - and make sure that the larger Medina community values all of its components.  "If a whole community is to thrive, it takes all parts of the community. Black, White, rich, poor, Republican, Democrat - we're all part of the community," Powell said. Summer may be a few months away, but the work of Let's Make A Difference is ongoing. The afterschool homework help program in the Union Square community room is ongoing, and Powell and Carol Andregg are back at Claggett Middle School for the ACE tutoring program there as well.

We are always growing in volunteers, youth programs and community sponsors. This year, we hope to launch a skills program for pre-schoolers, a "Can We Talk" program for young women, a "Man Up" program for young men, and are actively searching for an internet service sponsorship to bring the world to Medina's Union Square community room.  "It is a lot of work and dedication," said Powell, "but sometimes you have to go through a thunderstorm to finally see the light!  This morning, I am inviting Medina Sunrise Rotary to be a part of that light."

To learn more about Let's Make A Difference, an not or profit 501(c)3 charitable organization,
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