Founded in 1981, Medina Christian Academy is more than just a school. It is a place to meet God and grow in faith. Students of all ages thrive in their hands-on, interactive learning environment. MCA believes that students truly succeed and flourish when they are in a Christ-centered environment. At each stage of development, students are actively engaged academically, spiritually, and socially.
"Truth, Purpose, and Eternity are core concepts that exist for our young people at Medina Christian Academy (MCA)," stated Joe Timco, Head of School. All children need spiritual guidance, academic challenge, creative outlets, and athletic opportunities; and MCA is the convergence of all four. MCA offers smaller class sizes than public schools; and cultivates meaningful and long-lasting personal relationships among students, teachers and staff. Discipleship is not a class which students take one semester at MCA. It's a way of life in all grades, at all times!
With an enrollment of over 330 students grades pre-K -12, this year marks MCA's first graduating class of high school seniors. Their Lower School (pre-K- 6) campus located at 3646 Medina Rd., has been paired with an Upper School (7-12) campus located at 5399 River Styx Rd. MCA is excited to make their new 42-acre River Styx Campus fulfill its maximum potential. The growing ministry of MCA is only made possible with a commitment to education, and the generous support of our Medina community and beyond.
Will Koran, Rev. Reid Miller, Brendan Rose, Tob Butt, Dr. Bob Hlasko, Joe Timco, Kent Morgan, David Sheldon, Kerry Gregoire, Doug Leohr, Don Spickler
"Committed to making a difference in the lives of children in our community and beyond
through our time, talents and treasures." - Medina Sunrise Rotary