Medina Sunrise Rotary Celebrates 22nd Anniversary of Service

Gathered around the Rotary Burr Oak Tree, which is planted on the southwest lawn of Medina's Historic Public Square, Medina Sunrise Rotary celebrated 22 years of service to the community.

"The Burr Oak Tree came from the Morgan Park, Illinois, home of Paul Harris who founded Rotary in 1905," said first club president Becky Shotwell. "It was little more than a 12" sprig when the City of Medina received it in the 1990's and, taking root in the community, now stands proudly at nearly 40 feet tall on Public Square. The Medina Sunrise Rotary Club returns each year in the fall to watch the sun rise over Medina, note the growth of our tree, and renew our commitment to making a difference in the lives of children in our community and beyond, through our time, talents and treasures."

# # #

L to R - Shail Jain, Doug Leohr, Reid Miller, Frank Festi, Jeff D'Annolfo, Rick Smith, Dale Huefner, Will Koran, Daryl Kubilus, Pat Furey, Jeff Hill, Hope Krueger, Mike Carlson, David Lariviere, Dan Ihrig, Lisa Hamilton, Mark Morse, Roger Hassler, David Loeper, Judy Cross, Mike Davanzo, Becky Shotwell
(Not Pictured - Andres Bello, Tob Coss, Bill Hutson, Than Jain, Sandra Jenkins, Nate Kenneh, Connie Lahr, Aaron Lewis, Dennis Neate, Rich Pace, Roman Paich, John Ross)