"A HUGE THANK YOU to all who help to pack the Weekender Bags that go out weekly to about 1,000 children across Medina County," said an appreciative Sandy Hinkle, Executive Director of Feeding Medina County.
When you are packing this many bags, week-after-week, the cost of 16 cents for the actual bag can get very expensive. Most recently, the Medina Sunrise Rotary Club made a generous donation of 50,000 bags to Feeding Medina County (FMC) for the Weekender Program. The bags that we use for Weekenders are specially designed to hold about 7-8 pounds of food. They have carry handles and are a stronger mill to resist tearing. This great gift from Rotary of 50,000 bags will last us for about a year's packings. The fact that FMC does not have to purchase bags for our Weekender Program for the next year provides us more money to purchase food that will fill these bags. I am so very appreciative to Medina Sunrise Rotary Club for this wonderful donation. This was an amazing way to help us provide for our children who depend on this bag of food every week!
Did you know that in Medina County one out of every five children comes from a home that struggles to make ends meet, and more importantly, struggles to have enough food? No child should ever have to experience hunger.
The annual cost of the Weekender for Children Program is approximately $150,000. Feeding Medina County receives some of its funding and volunteer support from Medina County United Way, Medina County Women’s Endowment, our wonderful Ohio Army National Guard,and community organizations like Medina Sunrise Rotary.  All other money supporting the program is raised through fundraisers and through the generosity of individuals like you across Medina County.
If you would like to make a difference in the life of a child or a family in Medina County with food insecurity, please contact me today: Sandy Hinkle:  office 330-421-4816, or visit our website at FEEDINGMEDINACOUNTY.ORG.