Medina Sunrise Rotary donates new announcer's booth for Miracle League baseball games

MEDINA — Members of the Medina Sunrise Rotary were recognized before a Miracle League baseball game on Monday for their donation of a new announcer’s booth for the ball field at Sam Masi Park.

The Miracle League is an organization where people with mental or physical disabilities can play baseball together. The games are two innings long, and players go around all the bases after they hit the ball.

“We have a niche type of player,” Miracle League of Northeast Ohio President Ken Richardson said. “(They’re) a non-competitive player. Somebody who wants to be part of a team.”

The new booth is a small building at the corner of the field that can fit multiple people and equipment inside. Medina Sunrise Rotary President Kevin Lauterjung said his predecessor, Kent Morgan, spearheaded the project for Miracle League.

“Thank you very much for honoring our club tonight,” Lauterjung said, “but we came here tonight to honor all the athletes and players and, just as importantly, their families for all that you do.”


An important aspect of the project involved making the new booth handicapped accessible, Richardson said. In the past, Patrick Olah was not able to enter the former booth because his wheelchair could not fit, even though he was interested in announcing the games.

“He could not get his wheelchair in there,” Richardson said. “He was sitting out in the sun. When the rotary came to us to build this, we said we’re going to make it handicap accessible. Not only will he be able to use it, but any other player, whether they’re in a wheelchair or not, will be able to do some announcing.”

Medina Sunrise Rotary committed to spend $42,000 for the project, but Pride One Construction connected with more than 15 companies who decided to donate materials and services to the project, he said. As a result, the amount spent on the project was cut almost in half.

“It’s very humbling,” Janet Newcomer of the Medina Sunrise Rotary said. “(We’re) very grateful to all the companies that stepped up to support Pride One and the Medina Sunrise Rotary to make this dream come true for these kids.”

Construction began on the booth in March and finished earlier Monday. Richardson said it felt fantastic to finally have the new booth.

“When you look behind our backstop, you see something pretty special,” he said. “A brand-new announcer’s booth (that is) much more secure, solid, handicap accessible and comfortable. We are thrilled that they sponsored that for us.”

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