Posted by David Lariviere on Aug 14, 2018
Love - Influence - Rejoice

"'SANYUKA' is a Ganda word meaning 'REJOICE'!" exclaimed Allan Kizito, Executive Director of Sanyuka Children's Ministries in Uganda.  "My journey, from having been orphaned at 8-years old in Uganda, through high school, graduating from Makerere University, founding Real Technologies Group, getting married and having our first child, winning a U.S. Department of State Green Card lottery, and being offered a job in Medina, Ohio, was guided not by not by luck or through my own energy but by the hand of God."

Kizito, now a software engineer with Ohio-based OEConnection, founded Sanyuyka Children's Ministries in Uganda in 2008, and continues his overseas mission, which offers Christ-centered child development programs that were initiated as a response to the ever increasing number of street, orphaned and vulnerable children in Uganda.  Sanyuka is a Family!  It currently brings education, health care, food, clothing, a nurturing home-setting, mentoring, purpose and spiritual discipleship to 55 children who were once orphans, with many more on the waiting list. 

"We are grateful to Medina Sunrise Rotary for the generous donation and to our blessed partnership with Pride One Construction of Medina," said Allan. "Please join us in building a sustainable future for these children. Our 2019 Sanyuka Vision is to purchase land for a school and a development center for teaching job trade skills, with homes, a training farm, and a small business incubator. Also, we are excited about bringing the Sanyuka Children's Ministries Choir to Medina in 2019 to share our stories, mission, and our love."

Kizito concluded his presentation with a heartfelt thanks to all Medina Sunrise Rotarians, whose mission is "making a difference in the lives of children in our community and beyond through our time, talents and treasures," and for joining with Sanyuka Family Children's Ministries in Uganda.  "Together, we can become the instrument in changing a life, a generation, a country, and Africa." 

For more information about getting involved with Sanyuka Children's Ministries, supporting the 2019 Children's Choir Ohio Tour, or sponsoring a young life, please contact:

 Allan Kizito at 312-515-7370 (mobile), or 

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